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"Narrow minds devoid of imagination. Intolerance, theories cut off from reality, empty terminology, usurped ideals, inflexible systems. Those are the things that really frighten me. What I absolutely fear and loathe."
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i don’t even need to know the context of this drawing



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Femen topless activists crash Nina Ricci S/S 2014 at PFW in protest against fashion’s sexualiation of women

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Self-titled, 1992

The greatest Tumblr post ive ever seen! 

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Aya Kato
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Photo: A kitten of the Armenian Van Cat breed. 

The Van Cat is a breed of cat native to this town and named after it. The Van Cat is noted for its white fur, and having differently colored eyes.
The Van cat is considered a rare breed, one of the most beautiful and certainly the most unusual breeds of a cat ever known. Vans have a long history dating back to the earliest records of Van and ancestral Armenia. They are indigenous to the Van region in the heart of historic Armenia (present day Turkey), particularly to the city of Van, on Vana Lich (Van Lake in Armenian).
The cat is a natural breed, no human selection or cross-breeding has been used to establish the breed. They are also very unique, the only cats that are known to naturally swim. Vans are a bigger breed then other cats, with predominantly white fur. The Van cat’s eyes are always large with eyes of three types: both eyes amber, both eyes blue, or one amber and one blue. Most of the stories about the Van cat seem to be about the blue and amber color eyed cats, perhaps because their eyes seem more expressive.

 “The Turkish Van (pronounced von) gets its name from Lake Van in eastern Turkey, but is actually an Armenian cat. Armenian people settled in the Lake Van region since the time of the Armenian Kingdom Of Urartu also known as the Kingdom of Van (860 B.C.) and revered this breed of cat.”

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It sucks when inside you feel like everything is breaking, like you are made of tiny mirrors and each one is being smashed by an invisible tiny person in your chest. It sucks when you feel like you cant breathe through the tears and your tounge and throat feel dry. It sucks when you feel lonely and invisible like you’re feelings dont even matter and you just want to scream to be noticed again. It sucks that you take everything to heart that they say and do and they dont even care. It sucks when your anger turns to misery and misery turns to hopelessness. It sucks when you try your best but your best is never good enough so you quit trying. It sucks that you feel how you feel right now.

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